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Markers are always pleased to see answers which cover plot, character, dramatic effect, theme and language. Macbeth offers an exception to this rule, as Macbeth and his wife are partners in the truest sense of the word.

How is drama created in Act 2, Scene 1? Macbeth wishes to be king to gratify his own desires, while Duncan and Malcolm wear the crown out of love for their nation. How does Macbeth change during the course of the play? Yet, at the same time, the audience is clearly meant to realize that women provide the push that sets the bloody action of the play in motion.

Indeed, she often seems to control him, either by crafty manipulation or by direct order. The bad qualities he claims to possess include lust, greed, and a chaotic and violent temperament. We could look at each Macbeth gcse essay questions in the same way. Ultimately, there is a strong suggestion that manhood is tied to cruelty and violence: His comments show that he believes emotion and reflection are also important attributes of the true man.

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How is the theme of ambition dealt with in Macbeth? However, you will also have to deal with a number of other topics in your answer. So we might have tasks like: What is the importance of the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth?

In other words, try to look at a range of topics in your answer. What are these values, and how do various characters embody them? The king must be able to keep order and should reward his subjects according to their merits.

For instance, an answer to question 3 above should cover what Act 2, Scene 1 adds to the overall plot, the characters in the scene, the dramatic effects that is the main part of the question!

Though Macbeth is a brave general and a powerful lord, his wife is far from subordinate to his will. You could also look at his part in the plot, how he is used for dramatic effect and the themes he talks about.

What makes Macbeth a tyrant? Next Sample questions Typical questions ask you to show how a character develops during the play, or how a theme is presented in the play, or to look closely at a scene in the play.

For instance, you should look at how he speaks, so you are looking at language. What makes Duncan a good king? Macduff, too, suggests that the equation of masculinity with cruelty is not quite correct. Manhood, for most of the characters in Macbeth, is tied to ideals of strength, power, physical courage, and force of will; it is rarely tied to ideals of intelligence or moral fortitude.

Most significantly, Lady Macbeth emasculates her husband repeatedly, knowing that in his desperation to prove his manhood he will perform the acts she wishes him to perform.An exam question on 'Macbeth' in the style of AQA GCSE Paper 1.

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Macbeth echoes Lady Macbeth’s words when he questions the manhood of the murderers he has hired to kill Banquo, and after Macduff’s wife and children are killed, Malcolm urges Macduff to take the news with manly reserve and to devote himself to the destruction of Macbeth, his family’s murderer.

Macbeth quiz that tests what you know. Perfect prep for Macbeth quizzes and tests you might have in school. * Macbeth * Lady Macbeth * Banquo * The Weird Sisters and a variety of AQA-style Literature practice exam questions, with some prompts and a suggested essay structure writing frame to stimulate student response for study / revision beyond the classroom/5(67).

GCSE English Literature /1 There are no questions printed on this page. 3 Read the following extract from Act 1 Scene 5 of Macbeth and then answer the question that follows. At this point in the play Lady Macbethis speaking.

She has just received the news that. GCSE () English Literature EXEMPLARS Paper 1 Shakespeare. P v 1v 2 9 1 1 8 4 SA of the question. Macbeth – from act 2 Scene 2, lines 48 to 69 In this extract, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a conversation, after Macbeth has murdered Duncan.

• questions about kingship also reflect the instability of the.

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Macbeth gcse essay questions
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