Techniques of effective coordination

Managers have to make deliberate efforts to bring unity of purpose in the activities of subordinates. Clear-cut objectives, harmonised policies and unified procedures and rules ensure uniformity of action. Bhim is a 22 Year old guy and the owner of wisenepali.

Aligning Activities Developing and marketing a new product takes time and planning. Under self-coordination, members of an organization voluntarily adjust their behavior according to the needs of the situation.

In this approach all the departments will have permanent relation. They use the techniques recommended by professional organizations, such as the Project Management Institute.

Better plans and policies: Similarly, incentives may be used to rebate mutuality of interest and to reduce conflicts.

Chapter 11 » Techniques of coordination | Business Studies – XII

Individuals within the group, may possess varied interests and multiple goals. Continuity — co-ordination is an on-going or never-ending process rather than a once-for-all activity. Personal and face-to-face contacts are the most effective means of communication and co-ordination.

They are very often more effective than formal means. Jost How Organizations Act Together: Co-ordination may also be: It takes the efforts of the leader or the manager to bring about coordination, and the goal of the enterprise cannot be successfully obtained without it.

For instance, in an automobile plant an organisation chart is an aspect of procedural co-ordination, while blueprints for the engine block of the car being manufactured are an aspect of substantive co-ordination.

Clarifying authority and responsibility Even staff of organization will have his own rights and responsibility which should be defined clearly for good coordination. Coordination between interdependent units can be secured by putting them under one boss.

Informal contacts with subordinates help to create climate of mutual trust and cooperation which is the foundation of coordination, Luther Gallic has called coordinating by ideas to describe the use of leadership in coordination.

Coherence of order helps to exchange information.

Techniques of Coordination in an Organization

The decisions of the committees are group decisions and the persons whose departments are affected by decisions generally constitute the committees.Effective coordination depends upon effective communication and public relation. It is very difficult to have effective coordination if there is more communication and public relation.

In such case boundary spanning is a suitable method. Effective Communication is a process whereby ideas and images of one person are transmitted to another person. Coordination between various individuals and activities is brought out by communication.

Techniques of effective Coordination in Organization

The basic objectives of all managerial functions is to get things done by coordinated efforts of other. Thus, every function leads to coordination. However, following are the specific techniques for achieving coordination.

9 techniques that can be implemented for effective coordination in any organization

(1) Coordination by Effective Communication. In an organization, the chain of command is the most important method of coordination. 9 techniques that can be implemented for effective coordination in any organization. Unity of purpose is the first essential condition of coordination.

Therefore, the goals of the organization and goals of its units must be clearly defined. Techniques such as effective decision making, process improvement and time management, allow your company to get more done in less time to achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

Establishing. We provide reference notes for NEB high school science, Chapter 11» Techniques of coordination | Business Studies – XII When the goals are not well defined the coordination may not effective.

2. Sound organization structure: – coordination is the essence of management. It is not possible without sound organization structure.

Techniques of effective coordination
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